The Tower on Vinyl!

Earlier this year, Fractal Cat released our third album of original material, The Tower. Now for the first time ever, we are launching a Kickstarter campaign to produce a vinyl LP version of our music, the way we always envisioned it to be heard.

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 Who's Purring about 

The Tower?


These Cats... 

From the kickoff song ‘Be Careful What You Dream,’ a rocking slice of foot propellant, to the epic spaced-out ‘Streets Are Burning,’ the new album [The Tower] evokes both the old, like the Beatles and other British Invaders from the 1960s, and the new, like My Morning Jacket.
— Baltimore Sun
[Fractal Cat’s] energetic and surreal sound offers urgent calls to trust your intuition, spread love, and give peace a chance.
— Baltimore Magazine
This Baltimore sextet has assembled a formula as infectious as it is sugary, as undeniable as it is singular. These nine songs [on the Tower] are sonic proof that evolution isn’t just readily obtainable for these guys; it’s consistently imperative. The only true question left to ponder is the same question that faced them some three years ago: What’s next?
— Frederick News-Post
[This] Fractal Cat album calls for this new era of peace, in a truly radical way. if you are looking for a revolutionary anthem for the coming year, look no further.
— The Jamwich magazine

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